Ben Klassen, P.M. 0 AC – Incepto Creativitat (1973 CE) teacher, farmer, engineer, investor, self-made multimillionaire, state senator, inventor, prolific author, and founder of the Church of the Creator.

What is this group about?
Creativity is a Religious and intellectual movement that is dedicated to the survival, advancement, and expansion of the White race.

So what are your beliefs?
After careful study and background reading you will find that Creativity’s principal beliefs simply build on the thoughts of metaphysical naturalism (scientific materialism) which came from Ancient Greece. This developed from “the physikoi” (from the Greek φυσικός or physikos, meaning “natural philosopher,” borrowing on the word φύσις or physis, meaning “nature”) and teleology (τέλος, telos (root: τελε-, “end, purpose”) and -λογία, logia, “a branch of learning”. This ancient knowledge was then assimilated by Ben Klassen and turned into an operating philosophy and a workable plan of action.

Essentially, we believe in a worldview which holds that there is nothing but natural elements, principles, and relations of the kind studied by the natural sciences, i.e., those required to understand our physical environment by mathematical modelling.

Most Religions offer their members the possibility of transcendence, what does your Religion based on Atheism offer then?
Despite being materialists (not believing in a soul or spirit, nor in “sky spooks”,, we see no compelling argument against the concept of kalos kagathos (aristocratic ethos) which would simply be an improvement upon naturally evolved faculties, including consciousness.

Are you pan-Europeanists/universalists?
No. Christianity is universalist. The EU is univeralist (national Europe). Everyone knows by now how toxic those institutions are. We therefore do not strive for a panoptic ideal, but rather, a syncretic blending of Classicism and Creativity into European sub-ethnic and regional customs. Sectarianism is therefore encouraged.

Why does this group place such a great emphasis on Greco-Roman reconstructionism (Greco-Roman Culture, Philosophy, Languages, Educational System)
Ben Klassen and Hitler both considered classical Greece and Rome as the pure sources of Aryan art and culture, uncontaminated by jewish influence. Also, returning to the language, culture, and religions of our peak civilizations can only be positive. Rome modeled itself on Ancient Greece, every further European civilization did as well, America was modeled on Rome, et. al,, history shows this is a good framework.

Is a commitment to learning Classical Latin or Ancient Greek a requirement to join your group?
No, it is not a requirement, but an ideal. Why? Common speech just lacks the vocabulary for intelligent discourse, reason and problem solving. This is why Science so often uses Latin and Ancient Greek terminology for words that do not really exist in the common language. To make intelligent and correct decisions we need the vocabulary of philosophers, leaders, Caesars, lawyers, classical authors and writers. If we read their works in their language, and if we are educated in the same matter they were, then we will start to think and act like them as well.

As for why Latin should be the first choice to learn, the sounds and the forms of Latin make it one of the most sonorous and stately of languages; and the nature of its syntax gives it a compactness and precision that no modern languages possess, making it an admirable instrument for training in exactness of thinking and conciseness of expression. Moreover, knowledge of Latin is the key to one of the great literatures of the world. Not only are some half dozen of the Latin writers among the immortals of mankind, but the influence of Latin writings on the growth and character of our own English literature has been as continuous and as profound as the influence of Latin upon our English language.

What do you think you will achieve by returning to the Ancient Ways in today’s society?
We look at the ‘ancient ways’ as ‘means of doing’, or tools. For example, from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages most European intellectual output was the work of the aristocrats. Less than 1% of the European population were responsible for almost 100% of it’s intellectual output. This is because the aristocrats were afforded a Classical Education, and literacy in Classical Latin and Ancient Greek, and furthermore, were put under a qualifyingly elevating form. They were not selected for intelligence in anyway. Imagine if 100% of the population were educated in the same way? Or if modern Europeans were educated in that way?

So we are not simply striving for a superficial return to the ‘ancient ways’, but on the contrary, using ‘ancient ways’ to bring about the return of a different kind of person, Aryo-Hyperborean Man, who will be permeated with Aristocratic Ethos, as were our ancestors.

What are your goals?
The fundamental purpose of CREATIVITY as expressed by National Socialism was the creation of a healthy, pure and beautiful race, – where ‘health’ was understood within a particular aesthetic-ideological frame.

Why is this important?
“Innovation is increased by beliefs that life has a purpose and that the function of life is to fulfill that purpose; by beliefs about transcendental goods [“Transcendental goods” means truth, beauty, and the good, in the classic sense. The proposition is that artistic achievement and scientific achievement used ideals of the transcendental goods as source material. In some cases, as inspiration. In other cases, as templates against which you measure yourself] and a sense of goodness, truth and beauty; and by beliefs that individuals can act efficaciously as individuals, and a culture that enables them to do so.” – Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics.

Is it true that you believe the pure Aryo-Hyperborean man is Natures finest and most noblest creation?
Yes. Evolutionary pressures meant that differential reproductive success depended on traits that permitted the development and maintenance of a healthy and productive culture and civilization that White people always created. The result:

“Whether measured in people or events, 97 percent of accomplishment in the scientific inventories occurred in Europe and North America”.,_800_B.C._to_1950


White people invented or discovered nearly everything in science and technology. We walked on the moon and went to the stars. We lit the earth from end to end with electricity and light. We founded every single ancient civilization that is worth a damn [1], [2]. All this while the brown subhuman mud races haven’t so much as invented the wheel.

It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama. These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade. [Note: The 1960’s.]

The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.

What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.