Plato in The Republic advocated eugenics. The Julian Law, established by Augustus Caeser in 18 B.C., was an attempt to deal with the decline in Patrician fertility that threatened the Roman elite. Men of high caste were required to marry, and bachelors taxed. Selective breeding and a caste system was also entrenched in the Twelve Tables of Roman Law which was established early in the formation of the Roman Republic (note: these laws were abandoned after the adoption of christianity and Rome fell a couple hundred years thereafter).

During the last 2000 years the natural process of sexual selection has not only been arrested, but due to the parasitic Jewish manipulation of the White Race, this process has been reversed. Genetically, the White Race has made little, if any, progress from the time of the Romans and the Greeks of classic history.

Why is this? White people suffered a massive loss of prime genetic variation (100 million of the most fit Europeans) fighting in two jewish World Wars. Then add in the loss of genetic material because of Christianity (the jews greatest subversive act): Gothic Wars (5.0m), German Peasants’ War (100k), Northern Crusades (200k), French Wars of Religion (36 years- 3mil), Thirty Years’ War (One third of Germany died – 10mil), deliberate genocide (Holodomor – 10+ million, Irish Famine – 1 million or 15% of total population), then add the tens of thousands of pagans and intellectuals (heretics) that were slain, and then factor in jew created modernity, which not allows the survival of those who naturally would have died, but it has also created a situation in which the poor and improvident have more children than the wealthy and prudent, i.e. dysgenic fertility. It is therefore easy to assume that the loss of all this genetic variation has led to the founder effect and r selection.

This is why eugenics is an important tool to counter the dysgenic pressures that are plaguing our race.

Eugenic options available to us

If you are young freeze your sperm and eggs! This is strongly eugenic as older fathers have more chance of passing on defective genes.

If you are infertile, or if you just want to assure that your White baby is highly intelligent, consider using the genius sperm bank.

Also read the guide on pregnancy & maternity, as well as the article on beauty eugenics.

Until genetic engineering and transhumanism arrives we must focus on prenatal testing and screening, in vitro fertilization, epigenetics, prenatal health (diet, supplementation, hormones), selective breeding and bringing intellectual White people together, etc.


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