The Aryo-Hyperborean is the Creator of all Civilization

“Whether measured in people or events, 97 percent of accomplishment in the scientific inventories occurred in Europe and North America”.,_800_B.C._to_1950


White people invented or discovered nearly everything in science and technology. We walked on the moon and went to the stars. We lit the earth from end to end with electricity and light. We founded every single ancient civilization that is worth a damn.

Ancient White history thread:

Outside of Europe


Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors Could Have Been Made with the Help of the Greeks, Archaeologists Reveal

Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors Could Have Been Made with the Help of the Greeks, Archaeologists Reveal

Genghis Khan was R1b-M343

Ghengis Khan was described by witnesses as having red hair, green eyes, and a full beard, features not uncommon amongst the Mongols at the time

Aryans: Culture Bearers to China

Whites first people to discover America

Indian folklore says white people were already living in America when they arrived, redskins slaughtered the whites

Paiute indians genocided tall, red-haired, pale-skinned people when they first arrived in their current homelands

DNA shows ‘native Americans’ have European ancestry tracing back thousands of years ago, acquired from interbreeding with whites already living in America

DNA of bodies found in Florida bog shows whites were in America 10,000 years before ancestors of ‘native’ Americans migrated from Siberia

DNA and Inca legends shows that whites with blonde or red hair taught Incas how to build stone cities and pyramids, gradually died out and were taken over by the Incas

How Did Blonde Whites Arrive in Peru Before Columbus?

Ancient Peruvian legends say tall, white, red-haired people left Peru in boats and headed southwest; Easter Island legends from the same time period say tall, white, red-haired people arrived in boats and were genocided by the natives, with the royal family keeping some for sex slaves, explaining traces of European DNA in Easter Island

Whites arrived in North America 10,000 years before anyone else

Out of Africa theory disproven once again, whites originated in northern Eurasia

Europe has always been white, white race is not a recent development like some say, out of Africa theory again disproven

DNA shows ancient Phoenicians were white

Aryan (i.e., Indo-European) origin of the alphabet and the appearance of Indo-European mythological figures in ancient Near Eastern mythologies (Hittite, Sumerian, Babylonian)

Prior to spread of Islam, the Middle East was predominantly white, not semitic, turkic, or africoid; Muslims ethnically cleansed the region as they conquered it

The first ever full-genome analysis of Ancient Egyptian mummies has shown they were closely related to populations from the Mediterranean

Ancient Egyptians cluster genetically with Neolithic and Bronze Age Europeans (the people in Sardinia today are almost exactly genetically identical to those Neolithic farmers).

Ancient Egyptians naturally had blonde and red hair; King Tut’s DNA is 98% western European

Ramses II had natural red hair

While the rest of the world has been migrating, intermixing, etc for all of history, Europe has remained white for over 50,000 years

Gebelein Man had red hair and the Sun Wheel painted on pottery (3400 BC)

The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt

Ancient Persians

Xenophon described the the Persian troops as white compared to the sun-tanned skin of Greek troops

Herodotus also described the Scythian Budini as having deep blue eyes and bright red hair.

West Asia

Suleiman the Magnificent

Evidence of the First Civilization, from 12,500 years ago, before the ice age

The First Civilization was global and was white.

Another, about the identical construction efforts around the world.

Assyrian / Akkadian derived from an earlier Indo-European language.;jsessionid=B69C394D2D4E6C831A1D754B06E216E4?doi=


Radio 3Fourteen – Ali Aliabadi – Bodhidharma: The Blue-Eyed, Red-Bearded Barbarian


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