Male sexual attractiveness – what is attractive to women?

A well developed mandible, chin, and a maxilla that is forward and upward and cheekbones that are high and forward-projecting. A retruded maxilla is maladaptive since it causes snoring, sleep apnea, insufficient oxygen intake and spinal imbalance so a retruded maxilla like all other facial deformities are selected against and is why a recessed maxilla or retruded mandible is generally repulsive to women.

  • A strong chin, that Hollywood staple, may also be a plus for aspiring CEOs. That’s the conclusion of New York plastic surgeon Darrick Antell, who presented his highly anecdotal evidence at the recent 2007 World Congress on Liposuction Surgery and Advances in Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai. Antell drew a line from the nose tip to the chin on photos of 42 CEOs from 2005’s top 50 Fortune 500 companies. Some 90% (including Carly Fiorina, then Hewlett-Packard’s (HPQ) CEO) showed nonreceding-to-prominent chins, vs. 40% of the U.S. population. (BTW – Businessweek)
  • Not only CEO’s but look at pictures of the past presidents… ALL of them had/have strong chins

So for men who desire to be attractive to the opposite sex and who also desire to be leaders… you need a wide strong jaw with a developed maxilla and zygomatic bones.

To prove this, could you ever imagine this guy as your boss?


Or how about this one?


What guy do you think has the best chances of picking up beautiful women?

How to become appealing more to women

Try this regimen:

  • Facially, to induce massetter hypertrophy chew falium gum (you can buy it on eBay or every day for as long as you can to build your massiter muscles, facial width, and to make your jaw muscles more defined. Also try to do push ups with your chin and other jaw exercises that boxers do. Just make sure that you are practicing proper tongue posture during all this so that you don’t induce TMJ/bruxism
  • To push your maxilla up and outward; practice proper mouth posture, i.e. lips together, teeth touching, tongue on the roof of the mouth (including the back of the tongue at the roof of the mouth). Why? Because the average human swallows ~2000 times / day. The tongue is also the strongest muscle in the body. When you swallow properly with the tongue plastered against the roof of your mouth and pulling saliva from the tongue it creates suction which puts upward and outward force on the palate. Therefore, that is a lot of upward force against the maxilla pushing it, as well as, the zygomatic bone it is attached to, outward over time. All attractive people have this oral posture and swallow in this way… you can tell because of their defined cheekbones and symmetrical jaws.Tongue posture: Proper Tongue Posture | ClaimingPower Swallowing posture:Proper Swallowing for Hollow Cheeks & Facial Beauty | ClaimingPower. by practicing proper tongue and swallowing posture even the most degenerated face will slowly remodel itself (6-24 months depending on diet) to match the golden ratio and the hormone balance will become optimized as well, making the entire body grow as a result.
  • Vitamins K and D for bone development
  • NEVER mouth breath
  • Also, don’t forget to train your neck. This makes a huge difference.
  • Have good body posture. Do exercises for posture each day. This is a big one! Your ear should align with your shoulders, hips, and feet and your back should be straight! Not only does forward head posture look disgusting but it also throws off of your facial symmetry as well. People subconsciously move their heads forward to open up the air pipe in their throats to get more air in because of nasal blockage, i.e. they are mouth breathers (see an allergist)
  • Cut out stress: you should meditate for 15 minutes each day to keep your cortisol/stress levels in check. Low cortisol is more important than testosterone for females determining whether a male is attractive. Black tea and ashwaganda are also apparently good for lowering cortisol and high blood pressure. High cortisol levels are a killer for aesthetics (look at the faces of people with Cushings Disease or Google search: “moon facies” for proof). Cortisol also lowers testosterone and T3.
  • If you have a retruded maxilla, gummy smile, long face syndrome, short face syndrome, overbite, underbite, open bite, off-centre jaw, that cannot be fixed with the above methods consider doing a LeFort 1 Osteotomy
  • Try to lower estrogen: and also consider testosterone therapy if you lack masculine physical traits. Androgyny is repulsive to women despite what the modeling industry (read: jews and gay men) try to promote. It indicates genetic flaws and high prenatal estrogen exposure. The only type of women attracted to these types of men are a-sexual teens.



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