Beauty Eugenics

Raising good-looking children

Follow in the footsteps of the great dentist, Weston A. Price by eating 1 pasteurized beef or lamb liver 1-2 times per week which will give a child nutrition through the roof. Meat and broccoli should be staples in a child’s diet. Chewing tough foods aligns the teeth, expands the palate, and broccoli has high amounts of Vitamin K which is essential for bone development.

Bottlefeeding is discouraged as it is bad for the child’s maxillary development. Breastfeeding is strongly encouraged!. If you cannot breastfeed give the child raw goat milk (it’s the closest to human milk). Also give a child 1 tablespoon of unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (even use coconut oil on a child’s skin as a moisturizer – it will absorb into their bloodstream) and steak, beef and lamb livers, along with fermented cod liver oil and green vegetables every day (broccoli especially because it contains high amounts of vitamin K which is good for bone development). This will ensure prominent cheekbones, wide dental arches built upon long jaw-bones with enough room to accomodate wisdom teeth, and teeth that are impervious to cavities. No fish fingers, poptarts and dr pepper, etc. Also don’t forget to teach them proper tongue and swallow posture and, furthermore, with good jaw posture a child should chew hard sugar-free gum (search ‘Falim Gum” on

Mouth breathing and open mouth posture in childhood is the number one cause of craniofacial dystrophy (recessed maxilla, recessed mandible, lack of facial symmetry). So tape a child’s mouth shut at night, get a humidifier, keep all pets away from their room, use hypoallergenic 100% cotton sheets, blankets, pillows, and see an ENT for nasal obstruction, etc. Mouth breathing is a literal looks killer! Remember: “Lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of your mouth.”.

Beautiful girl at age 6 (left) who was a severe mouth breather which was untreated. At age 9 (right) shows the abnormal facial and dental development.

Also, do not bottle feed a child or let it suck on a pacifier (or their thumbs) because all of these things will condition a child to keep their tongue on the bottom of their mouths instead of the roof where it belongs. And do not let the child sleep on one side or with their hands under their head deforming their face.

And make sure you avoid orthodontists at all costs! Never allow tooth extractions! Pulling any teeth on a child, including wisdom teeth, will lead to a collapsed face, asymmetry, and will absolutely destroy their looks.


Basically, do not allow the usage of anything that resembles a torture device on your child. This includes braces, reverse headgear, etc. Your child is still growing, and you want the growth to be as natural as possible so if you want to do any “orthodontics” on your child to assist the natural process, then use only removable plates or myofacial trainers or such. If you are a parent with young children, please don’t let an orthodontist destroy their future! A loss of a tooth = loss maxillary projection = loss of volume in the midface (this includes pulling wisdom teeth). It’s even worse when done just as puberty starts (12 or so) collapsing a maxilla in before you’ve even finished puberty.


^The twin on the left had tooth extractions, and on the right had palate expansion with no tooth extraction. Notice the difference in facial symmetry and loss of volume in the midface of the twin on the left?

Pulled teeth (including wisdom teeth) will led to a collapsed face, lack of facial symmetry, and a recessed maxilla. You see a lot of this in England… People in England have such lousy teeth due to their poor diet which prevents proper facial development. Then, the orthodontists go extraction-crazy with disastrous consequences.

Every parent should watch this video:

Also watch these videos:

If orthodontic work should be deemed necessary for some odd reason, one must choose an orthodontist who refuses extractions and seeks to widen the arches in order to deal with tooth crowding.

Use baking soda and oil pulling to protect teeth and ward off cavities which could lead to tooth-pulling and the resulting recessed maxilla/face. Weston Price recommended vitamin K, vitamin D and Vitamin A for strong teeth and facial development. Take these with some fat for best absorption.

Mouth Posture

Proper Tongue Posture
Proper Swallowing for Hollow Cheeks & Facial Beauty

Body Posture


Also, check if your child is tongue tied (ankyloglossia)


As well as checking to see if they have an anterior tongue tie, check to see if they have a posterior tongue tie


^The last image is of a less obvious posterior tongue-tie.

A tongue that is tied down and not permanently on the roof of the mouth will have devastating effects on facial development.

Also check if they have tongue thrust:


Vitamin K2 and D3 are required for facial growth.

Vitamin K2 For Better Teeth and Prettier Cheekbones

Weston. A. Price was one of the first to discover ‘Activator X’ which was abundant in the diets of tribal people. Many believe that this was what we now call Vitamin K2.


Sometimes asymmetry in the face and jaw can be a result of body posture being affected by birth trauma or a congenital difference between left and right sides as in a short leg or hip abnormality. In these cases treatment by an osteopath or chiropractor to correct these is helpful before or at the same time as correcting the dental malocclusion. If the contributing body posture is not corrected the orthodontic correction is most likely to relapse fairly quickly.

And watch for the cold causing nasal congestion forcing your child to mouth breath if you live in a cold climate (treatment options:

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