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Facial symmetry and its relationship to personality

In mate selection, people have been shown to have a preference of symmetry.[2][3] This is because it is seen an indicator of health and genetic fitness,[3] but also as holding adaptation qualities; reflecting the ability to withstand the changes in their environments.[4]

Facial symmetry has been suggested as a possible physical manifestation of the ‘big-five’ personality traits.[5] For example, it is found that extraversion and openness are strongly associated with the symmetry of the face.[5] Hormones such as testosterone and estrogen are believed to be associated with developmental processes and growth of facial features during puberty and as a result are hypothesized to be the cause for individual differences in the implications associated with facial symmetry.[6]

Facial bilateral symmetry is measured via fluctuating asymmetry of the face comparing random differences in facial features of the two sides of the face that develop and accumulate throughout one’s lifetime as a result of stressors

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How Braces Destroy Faces

>Braces Fight Against Normal Growth Patterns
>Braces Can Thwart Growth Patterns
>Bicuspid tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth) which usually accompany braces, also destroy faces.

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Right-wing people are better looking than those on the left, study claims

>’Our explanation is that beautiful people earn more, which makes them less inclined to support redistribution.’
>The researchers also suggest that good-looking people tend to be treated better, and so see the world as a more just place.

Red-pill explanation: Liberalism is the psycho-social ramifications of garbage genetics. They develop various coping mechanisms to deal with their shortcomings in such a harsh world. See: Why Liberals Are Always Ugly (Epigenetics And Phrenology), and The Biological Liberal.

Daily chewing of a tough chewing material and face development

 Daily chewing of a tough chewing material consisting of resin from a pine tree (Mastix from the island of Chios, Greece) was instituted in 13 children (aged 7–12 years) with long-face morphology. The chewing exercise therapy was maintained for one year and aimed at revealing the possibility of strengthening the masticatory muscles and influencing facial growth.
Masticatory muscle strength was monitored by measurement of bite force and electromyo-graphic recording of the activity of the anterior temporal and masseter muscles during biting and chewing. The facial morphology was recorded with profile cephalograms and dental casts.
During the one-year experimental period, there was a significant increase in bite force and muscle activity during maximal bite. The change was already evident at the first control recording 3 months after the start of the chewing exercise therapy. The muscle activity during chewing of apple and peanuts did not change significantly.
The facial growth was characterized by anterior mandibular rotation in 9 of 12 cases while a posterior rotation occurred in 2 cases. The anterior rotation was, on average, 2.5 degrees and thus considerably greater than would be expected during normal growth. There were no signs of reduced vertical growth of the maxilla, a reduced rate of molar eruption or increased growth of the mandible.

Creating Homemade Orthotropic Devices Using 3D Printers

We want the next generation of white people to be as attractive as possible, while avoiding orthodontists that destroy faces and charge ~$40,000 for a simple device. In our ideal ethnostate it would be a governmental initiative to see that the population grew to their aesthetic potential. But, unfortunately, I am not living there yet so I am therefore endeavoring to create free Orthotropic devices for White people who cannot otherwise afford them.

Inspired by this guy and this one.

I want to 3D print palate expanders. I also want to print a retainer that can connect to a face-pull device (Ex. this one) and then connect it to a $10 Reverse-Pull Headgear like this one off of eBay.

Wanted: Frankel Appliance and Myobrace.

I found CAD blueprints for a palatal expander and I am going to try building this myself as a first prototype.

If there is anyone reading this who has access to a 3D printer and who wants to offer their services, then please contact me. Also feel free to post blueprints and instructions in the comments below.

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Tooth Maintenance

A loss of tooth (including wisdom tooth) equals a loss of jaw bone. Extractions also lead to bone necrosis. This is what leads to collapsed and unsymmetrical faces.

Look at a picture of an older person, for example:

This is why extractions should be avoided at all costs! Like braces, it is a retractive orthodontic treatment.

You see a lot of this in England… People in England have such lousy teeth due to their poor diet which prevents proper facial development. Then, the orthodontists across the pond go extraction-crazy with disastrous consequences.

Healthy teeth and a healthy jaw with no necrosis (I.E. no extractions) is one component to a good looking face. So you should make sure that you have good oral hygiene to maintain your tooth quality.

Maintaining Your Teeth

1) Saliva remineralizes/strengthens your teeth. Mouth breathing/dry mouth is the number one cause of tooth decay [1]. So chew gum with xylitol often for saliva production (it will also remodel your jaw and improve your memory).

2) Brush your teeth with coconut oil then do oil pulling (swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes) every day.

3) Consume Vitamins: A,D,K, dairy (butter, cheese, milk) [2]

[2] #!

*Dr. Weston Price also noticed that the tribes with the best teeth also ate a lot of foods rich in enzymes (fermented foods). I.E. cheese, cultured butter, yogurt (get only Greek – they burn the lactic acid residue which oxidizes), or fermented grain drinks like kaffir beer.

**If you need extractions for any reason, or you already had extractions, consider a ceramic implant.

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How does exercise affect bone development during growth?

It is increasingly accepted that osteoporosis is a paediatric issue. The prepubertal human skeleton is quite sensitive to the mechanical stimulation elicited by physical activity. To achieve the benefits for bone deriving from physical activity, it is not necessary to perform high volumes of exercise, since a notable osteogenic effect may be achieved with just 3 hours of participation in sports. Physical activity or participation in sport should start at prepubertal ages and should be maintained through the pubertal development to obtain the maximal peak bone mass potentially achievable. Starting physical activity prior to the pubertal growth spurt stimulates both bone and skeletal muscle hypertrophy to a greater degree than observed with normal growth in non-physically active children. High strain-eliciting sport like gymnastics, or participation in sports or weight-bearing physical activities like football or handball, are strongly recommended to increase the peak bone mass. Moreover, the increase in lean mass is the most important predictor for bone mineral mass accrual during prepubertal growth throughout the population. Since skeletal muscle is the primary component of lean mass, participation in sport could have not only a direct osteogenic effect, but also an indirect effect by increasing muscle mass and hence the tensions generated on bones during prepubertal years.

This is epigenetics. Gene expression is regulated by environment, nutrition, and exercise (resistance training vs endurance training)

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