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Christianity is a jewish plot to destroy the White Race

A Religion that manifestly exalts the weak, sick, hungry, pathetic, while simultaneously telling it’s adherents to worship before a jew should induce disbelief in any sentient White persons brain.

It is the grandmother of Bolshevism. Christianity is liberalism: a perverse rejection of nature as God created it. It is the root of all the problems Europeans face today. It is the reason whites succumbed to jews. It is the first, and most successful, subversive attack on White people by jew.

Klassen states that from 66 A.D. the Jews were engaged in a fierce war with the Romans which lasted for four years, but after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. when the victorious Romans burnt their temple to the ground, they realized that militarily they were no match for the Romans and so conceived of a more ingenious plan to destroy them — Christianity! As this strategy proved successful, the Jews later applied it to the rest of the world, says Klassen, particularly the White western part, with the same aim.
Klassen informs us that the Jews did this because of their religion. He says the driving force of the Jewish religion is a “terrible and pathological hatred of their hosts” — meaning that they hate the people of any country giving them shelter or in which they settle, eve voluntarily, however kind the indigenous peoples might be. The Jews therefore regarded the White Race an particularly the Romans who had subjugated them, as an enemy deserving to be swept from the face of the earth.

“They hated Rome”, says Klassen, “with an inhuman hatred.” They also hated the Babylonians — “The Whore of Babylon” — who had once captured and enslaved them, even though the Babylonians treated them relatively kindly and later released them.

Thus, because of their fanatical hatred of the Romans, Klassen believes the Jews concocted Christianity in order to defeat their opponents by perverting their instincts and muddling their thoughts with ludicrous ideas. He believes that Christianity has had, and continues to have, a catastrophic effect on the White Race, especially in its fight against the Jews and the colored races. Klassen tells us that “Christianity despises fact, reasoning, evidence [and] logic”, and he believes that to succumb to the Christian philosophy is “to indulge in a cowardly flight from reality . . . to destroy reason and commonsense.” Klassen also thinks Christianity prevents Whites, like born-again Christians, from being able to protect their own race, and says: “A born-again Christian is a pervert who has had his instincts warped, his mind unhinged, and his total outlook on life, outlook on sex and on the survival of his kind completely perverted from that, which, as a natural human being, he was originally created by Nature. He becomes a destroyer of his own race”!


Foreseeing problems in posterity [Ethnostate]

One question that many people pose is that when we establish our ethnostates how do White people prevent the children of the ethnostate founders from coming out liberal and subverting everything like the descendants of the founders of America did. Many people will point out the differences between the northern and southern states of America and how liberals in the south, instead of moving north to a culture more in tune with their views, parasitically remained in the south and then used subversion to try and force the majority to live in a society where their opposing minority view became the standard. You can see the same thing happening currently in European countries; liberals, instead of relocating to any of the number of multicultural areas that exist (every single urban city in every single White country), instead work tirelessly to bring multiculturalism to where they are and force everyone else to suffer for their ideals. This is not a problem with non-PC medicine. Radical leftists and gays all share physiognomic deformations that give them away. They also exist in conditions of r-selection and prenatal measures can prevent parents from procreating them. With state intervention the liberal gene can be bred out of a population within 2 generations. Furthermore, this would be done voluntarily because despite media brainwashing, the biggest fear of all women (including liberals) is having an ugly, weak, or gay son. A man carries 50% of their mothers mitochondrial DNA and a goodlooking, strong and healthy son will spread his mothers genes very effectively. The promise of having attractive sons will alone drive women toward prenatal screening and epigenetics.

Architecture/City Planning [Ethnostate]

A Ministry of Culture would be immediately established after the founding of the ethnostate. Every building would be built with culture in mind, not profit or efficiency.

As a template, each building will be influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman architecture, particularly using Constantinople, the most glorious city in Roman Byzantine as an example.

The architecture has to be larger than life and awe inspiring, project strength and power, be very ornamental, follow the proportions of the golden ratio, use fractals and repeating symmetry, utilize optical illusion, and be inspired by biology and nature.

The architecture has to symbolize to the Aryan people that we are great again, and it is a reminder of our supremacy.

The Nazi’s tried to emulate this architecture and the architecture in the city of Star Wars episode 1 was based on ancient Constantinople.

Naboo capital






The Advantages of Being Self-Employed

From Nature’s Eternal Religion (Ben Klassen, 1973)

The Advantages of Being Self-Employed

In the previous chapter I mentioned ways and means by which young people might get into business for themselves. I also mentioned some of the many advantages of being self-employed. Since this is rather a broad subject and involves more than just young people, I want to cover the ground a little more thoroughly in this chapter.

It is important in the White Man’s struggle to regain control of his own destiny that he own and gain control of as many businesses as possible. At present the Jew overwhelmingly dominates the business field, as he does so many other nerve centers of power. I believe the advantages of controlling your own business have not been clearly pointed out to the White Man before, since most of the propaganda that we read is written by Jews. They know the importance of owning businesses, and far be it from them to encourage the White Man to go into competition with them any more than they can help it. Using deception to the utmost in both education and in propaganda, they keep talking about jobs only.

One of the attributes of having your own business is the healthier mental attitude that you thereby achieve. Certainly having your own business generates more pride and confidence in yourself than being an employee under the direction of somebody else. There is the story of the little old man who had a newsstand in some big city and spent practically all his time at that store. When asked why he spent so much time there he replied, “It is all mine and I can do as I please. I get more pleasure out of running my own little store than I do anything else. That’s why I spend so much time here.” When you build your own business you are in a way a creator, you are doing a creative job of building and fashioning a living organization that is not only productive, but also profitable. As the business expands and gets larger, there is a definite satisfaction attached to it that you are a productive and creative segment of our society. As a pillar of the community, in owning a business you carry a great deal of prestige and respect, something that you have justifiably earned.

Certainly the income you can make from building and expanding your own business is, in most instances, far superior to what you could earn by putting in the same amount of time and effort working for somebody else. I have always said that certainly you are worth twice as much to yourself than to the company you may be working for. Statistics show that the self-employed businessman certainly makes a much better income that the average employee, and in thousands and hundreds of thousands of cases the sky is the limit. Without a doubt your chances of becoming a millionaire working for someone else are very slim, whereas most businessmen that did become millionaires did so through owning their own business.

We hear so much about the advantages of working for a big corporation and one of those most frequently cited is the retirement pension that you might get when you have faithfully and dutifully worked for the company for the last forty years, and when at sixty-five you are finally put out to pasture. Living as I did in south Florida on the Gold Coast and witnessing a large number of retirees, I would say that the prospects awaiting you when you are retired from a large company are not nearly as rosy as many have assumed over all these years. For one thing, a man, as he gets older, likes to taper off in his working activities, but he does not necessarily want to quit altogether. When you work for a big company and you are approaching sixty or sixty-five, you are presumably in a high salary bracket. Therefore the company does not want to, nor can it afford to, have you slow down and produce less than you used to. In fact, because of your higher salary, they expect you to produce more than you did before and assume more responsibilities than ever.

Then finally comes the day when you reach sixty-five and you retire. The cutoff is sudden and drastic. Frankly, many businessmen who have been with a large company over the most active forty years of their lives find the sudden change quite a shock. It is not the rosy enchantment they had expected. To many it is a hard adjustment to make. In many cases they feel lost and don’t know what to do with their time. Too often, shortly thereafter, instead of enjoying what they thought would be their golden years, their health fails and they die. In many cases the biggest contribution towards the failure of their health was the psychological change.

It is different if you have your own business. Most men who went into business on their own when they were in their early twenties will have built a substantial business in forty years, often in less than ten years. By the time they reach sixty they are usually wealthy and independent. They have their chain of command and management pretty well established so that they can come and go as they please, they can work as little, or as much as they want to, and their business carries on. Invariably they prefer to stay in the management of it long past the age of sixty or sixty-five, in fact many of them stay in it in their seventies and eighties and enjoy every minute of it.

Another advantage that self-employment provides is family stability. When you work for a large company, they seem to have a nasty habit of moving you every few years to a different plant somewhere across the country, thus uprooting you from your established home, from your friends and from the many contacts that you have established. This includes a break from your clubs, from the schools your children go to, from your home and many other long established contacts you have made. In the case of the established business, not only does the family have an opportunity to sink down roots in their own area, an area usually of their choice, but these roots are many times perpetuated for two or three and more generations.

Such stability is further reinforced by peace of mind that you need have no fear of being laid off. You are in charge and you are in control of your fortunes and your destiny. You do not have to be afraid of your boss hiring one of his relatives to replace you. You have peace of mind that you need not be a victim of political maneuvering or, that you may lose your job because somebody else, who wanted it, buttered-up the boss in your absence. When you own your business you are the boss and your job is whatever you make it and it lasts as long as you want it to. You can work at your own pace and you can shape your job so that your talents can be utilized to the best of their ability.

When it comes to taking vacations you have several advantages.

1.You can choose the time according to when you want to go.

2.You can expand it to whatever length you want.

3.You can take as many as you want throughout the year, providing of course that you are still taking good care of your business.

4.You can plan your vacations in such a way that they can be written off as a business expense. For instance, you might want to go to Hawaii and set up a dealership there, or establish a business outlet, or negotiate a deal. In any case, the opportunity to mix business with the kind of vacation you want is almost unlimited. Not only can vacations be treated in this way, but in many cases you can also combine recreational activities with your business. For instance, you might want to join a yacht club or a country club and charge it off as a business expense. This you might be able to do because you might be utilizing such memberships as a valuable means of establishing business contacts.

Another gratifying advantage of having a business of your own is that you can very often train your own children to take over the management and thereby transfer to the next generation, namely your own children, the family business, while you yourself, nevertheless, still keep an active hand in the control of it. Thereby, it becomes a family enterprise that you can see growing and expanding, something that is perpetuated into future generations. This can be a most rewarding satisfaction indeed. By so doing, you establish closer family ties and a wider community identity. You have the assurance that upon your death your business will not be usurped by some grasping Jew, but will already be firmly in the hands of your children, who have, over the years, been trained in its management

By owning your own business you can make many contributions to your community. You can establish scholarships, you can sponsor a boy’s “Little League” baseball team, you can pursue research in technology in certain lines that interest you, or you can pursue any other of a dozen different outlets.

Financially, you are flexible in so many different ways that you are not in a salaried job. Should we have a drastic inflationary rise, the value of your business, the real estate that it is on and buildings all increase accordingly. As your business progresses you are continually building up the equity of the business itself, something that is not necessarily subject to the confiscatory income tax that wages and salaries are plagued with.

In many other ways your position is much more flexible. You can sell your business if you want to, should that become desirable; you can borrow money on it; many times you can lease it and still keep it; or you can will it to your children, or anybody else, for that matter, if you should so desire.

Many successful businessmen have sold their business to some huge corporation, for millions. They have then been given the management of it at a handsome salary. However, I don’t particularly recommend this, since the buying company is probably in the hands of Jews, and the White Race loses again.

Many people are, of course, afraid to start a business because they feel that there is too much risk involved. This is not good thinking. After all, everything is a risk. To live at all is a risk. When you take a job with some big company you certainly are involved in the risk of losing that job. If you start in business when you are still in your early twenties or even under twenty, and start with very little, you cannot be hurt too much in the trials and errors that accompany the early founding of a business. Even if you go broke you haven’t lost too much because you probably didn’t have too much to start with, and you’re still young. Many of the most successful businesses have been established after the founder learned from the experience of going broke in one or more unsuccessful enterprises. But in most cases, once you have the business established, the chances are that you will not only be able to keep it, but expand it, and perhaps become tremendously wealthy.

A common fallacy which persists even to this day is that most businesses were very vulnerable and went broke during the depression. This just isn’t so. The First thing the businesses did was to lay off many of their employees. In some cases small businesses let all their employees go but they stayed and ran the business. When I look back to the small country town back in Saskatchewan during the depression (I was a teenager), I remember that practically none of the small businesses in that town went broke. There were two grocery stores there and they both stayed in business. They didn’t keep any outside employees but they had the whole family working the store and continued in business as usual. I remember that a machinery dealer that was in business before the depression kept right on going. He didn’t need any employees but he kept his business and ran it himself. I furthermore remember a small gas and oil business that was in existence before the depression and it kept right on going and never faltered.

And so it was with most of the other small businesses that were there. They all stayed in there and kept on going, although some of them with somewhat reduced profits. Nevertheless, since everything else that they had to buy also cost less, they were in many ways no worse off than they were before. However, men that had jobs before the depression and lost them were much worse off and had a miserable time finding work to keep their families in groceries.

My dad, who was a wheat farmer at that time, managed to keep his family in groceries during the depression. We had little or no money, but we had plenty to eat. Living off our own beef, hogs, chickens, vegetables, etc., we ate well. Somehow, he managed to hang on to the farm throughout the depression, and before he died, turned the farm over to my oldest brother.

Despite the fact that he had only come to Canada a short three years before the depression struck, he managed to build up a thriving farm, in fact was running three farms by 1929. When the depression did come, he managed to hang on, having a home for his family, employment for his family, and plenty to eat for his family. Being a farmer, he, too, had a business of his own to rely on.

In conclusion, it is my experience that those people that have had a business of their own were not only better off during the depression than were the employees, but when the post-war expansion came along they were in an excellent position to take advantage of it, to expand and become a large and thriving business. Many of those who before the war were only in shoestring operations expanded into huge multimillion dollar corporations after the war.

In any case, it is my observation and conclusion that we need a lot more White gentiles going into business for themselves, to acquire control of the businesses, to acquire land and real estate and drive the Jew from this field in which he has had a monopoly for too long. If we, furthermore, practice racial loyalty amongst ourselves, if we help promote business preferences amongst our White racial brothers to the exclusion of all Jews, we would, without a doubt, soon drive these parasites from the field.

It should be our determined objective to do just that as one of the many phases of the White Man’s drive to throw the Jew from off our back, and again gain control of our own business, our own destiny, and our own government.

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The Purpose of Life

For millennia mankind in general, and philosophers in particular, have been pondering the meaning of life. This question has undoubtedly troubled and concerned practically every thoughtful human being. Few have arrived at any conclusion during their lifetime, leaving the question unanswered at the time of their demise. Certainly this question has concerned me, more or less, during many phases of my life, beginning with early adolescence. Although I (Ben Klassen) searched the scriptures, the religions, the philosophies of various notables throughout history, none of these seemed to give me a satisfactory answer. Finally I concluded that there was no meaning to life, that there was no purpose to it, that our stay here was a meaningless, useless pursuit which might well have been left better undone. In fact, ten years ago I was so convinced of the futility of our existence here on earth that I began to write a book on the subject called The Rat Race to Oblivion.
But the fact kept persisting that we are here, and we are going to be here, and our offspring are going to be here for generations and centuries and millenniums to come. Obviously, the kind of people that were going to be living here in the centuries and millenniums to come would be largely determined by each generation as to what they did, what their outlook on life was, what their mating habits were, and what their philosophies and religions were. Also it was obvious that the conditions under which our future offspring were going to be living would largely be determined by what we now did, just as the conditions under which we are now living had been determined by what our forefathers had done, or had not done.

The more I studied history the more it became obvious that throughout the threads of history was woven the interminable and overriding factor of race. The most obvious of all factors began to emerge that one race and one race along had built and blossomed and flowered all civilizations and that was the White Race. Furthermore, it became more and more obvious that the decline of each civilization had been the poisoning of the blood of the creative White Race and its downfall had always been preceded and caused by the negligence of the White Race to guard and protect the purity of its bloodlines.

Further studying, examining and probing the facts of history, it became obvious that mankind as a whole followed the same evolutionary patterns as did every other species, and that the evolution of every species followed the rigid and immutable laws of Nature. Man was no exception whatsoever, although in his conceit and stupidity he so often tried to tell himself that he was above and beyond the laws of Nature and, in fact, had conquered Nature.

So he thought. However, nothing could be further from the truth. A cold, critical analysis of history, and the laws of Nature, shows that the development of mankind follows the laws of Nature just as faithfully and just as rigidly as the development of, say, the bluebird or the dinosaur. Furthermore, man’s decline and extinction is just as possible as the vanishing of the dinosaur from the face of the earth.

From all this studying, certain most obvious conclusions began to emerge. No. 1, that man is a species whose evolvement and stay on the face of this earth is subject to the organized laws of Nature. No. 2, that one of Nature’s most inexorable laws is the survival of the Fittest. No. 3, that Nature, in order to improve the species, promotes and favors the segregation of the species in which one species competes against that of another and the better equipped survive. Those that go down channels which do not fit them for the fierce competition, those species to not survive, but perish.

Apparently it became obvious that Nature is not concerned about the survival of the individual, but has wisely placed and inbred into each individual of the species the means and the will to propagate and promote and perpetuate the species itself, and in so doing, in the fierce competition for survival, it forces the species to improve and upgrade itself, or else perish.

It is in this third law of Nature that we find overwhelmingly the purpose in life and the purpose for which we are placed upon this earth. We are here to perpetuate and advance our own kind. Not only is this the purpose of the human species, but the purpose of every other species that we see around us, be it the bluebird or deer, or the fishes of the sea, or the fowl of the air. The whole sum of their efforts and the complete time span of their life is devoted to this great purpose that Nature has set forth for the individual: To promote, propagate, and perpetuate the species, and in so doing, improve it as it goes along. It is either that or extinction. Nature is neither kind nor unkind, neither merciful nor unmerciful, in the enforcement of her laws. She makes no exceptions and tolerates no excuses. Only a pompous, conceited fool can imagine himself as being above and beyond the laws of Nature.

Every bird and every animal knows what its purpose is. As soon as they are mature enough to do so, they start propagating their own kind, and raising their families to maturity. It is their main preoccupation throughout their adult lifetime. They clearly seem to know their purpose. Only the White Race seems to be sorely confused about their purpose-Nature has decided our purpose for us, whether we realize it or not. Man, like every other creature, leads the most rewarding life following the path Nature has decreed for him: propagating his own kind, raising his family, and perpetuating his race.

And so we have come upon the great and final answer as to what our purpose in life is: The purpose set before us by nature herself, for us, the White Race, is, namely, to propagate, advance and expand the White Race, the highest pinnacle reached in the handiwork of Nature.

We, the White Race, are that supreme species. We are Nature’s Crowning Glory. We bear a great honor and a tremendously important burden. It has taken millions of years for the White Race to evolve as a species to its present high pinnacle. It is up to us to carry on the promotion, propagation, perpetuation, advancement and expansion of this most elite of all of Nature’s wondrous species. Not only is it up to us to carry on, but also it is up to us to lift ever higher, to advance the development of this most marvelous of all creations, and improve from generation to generation. It is possible at this juncture in history to greatly accelerate and speed up the improvement of the White Race, and it is equally possible to destroy the White Race in short order and undo this marvelous phenomenon in the history of creation.

Yes, these are the indisputable lessons of history and the inescapable conclusions to be drawn from the laws of Nature herself. Some people will spend their lives searching for the truth. In the process they can run head-on into the very truth they have been searching for, without recognizing it, stumble over it, pick themselves up and keep on searching forever. There are some truths that are so overwhelmingly obvious that they escape the attention of the over-sophisticated searchers. And this very truth we are here speaking about is one of the most outstanding of all the obvious truths that has been ignored and overlooked, stumbled over and finally bypassed.

This does not change by one iota the laws of Nature anymore than stupidly ignoring the laws of gravity will change that rigid and inexorable law. It is plainly there for all to see Nature wants you to perpetuate and carry on your species and improve it you will either do that or your kind will be wiped from the face of the earth. Nature cares little whether you accept or reject that fact, her laws will be obeyed, regardless. It is this fact that our whole philosophy is based upon. It is upon this law of Nature that our whole religion is founded.

This being so, we are convinced that any philosophy of life or any religion, that is in harmony with the laws of Nature is a good religion for such race. Any religion that does not mesh in harmony with the laws of Nature is an unnatural religion, is an artificial religion, and is a harmful religion that will destroy the race or the people that embrace such an artificial and unnatural religion.

Our religion is, therefore, designed to be in harmony with that which Nature wants us to do. Our religion is designed to help promote, propagate, expand and advance the White Race in all perpetuity. We can think of no higher goal, nor a more lofty religion than that which helps to perpetuate and improve Nature’s finest handiwork the White Race.

We believe that in the process of propagating our own kind, the individual finds the highest meaning in life. In so doing he obtains the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment of his earthly span for the years that Nature has placed him upon the face of this planet. In mating, in building a family, in having children, and providing for their welfare and in watching their healthy growth and development, the man and the woman find their highest fulfillment and the most lasting satisfaction. All other activities gravitate around this grand central purpose to raise the children to adulthood to where they again in turn will mate with the opposite sex of their own species, form a family, propagate their own kind, raise them to be stronger, healthier, more intelligent, more beautiful, more capable. In short, they, too, will improve the next generation and send it on its way to again bring in the succeeding generation. This is the great goal in life that Nature in her eternal wisdom has set before us, whether it be the White Race or any other species of this huge and varied universe.

Any activity that hampers or imperils this noble objective is unnatural, and, therefore, a violation of Nature’s laws. We all clearly recognize, for instance, that homosexuality is unnatural and that such people are called deviates. We must also recognize that Nature harshly punishes deviates and extinguishes them from the face of the earth. It is quite clear, for instance, that a society of sexual deviates would be short-lived and Nature would wipe them from the face of the earth.

Not so clear to the present day thinking is that one of the prime laws of Nature is keeping the species pure, and in our case, keeping our race pure and unpolluted from the blood of that of other races. Nature hates bastards. She despises mongrelization. And since Nature has selected us, the White Race, as the peak and pinnacle of her highest development, it is more than ever our holy duty to safeguard this honor at all costs.

It is for this purpose that our new religion is formulated, and that the Church of the Creator is founded.

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Salubrious Living

1. We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

2. This means eating fresh wholesome food in its natural state as Nature has given it to us. It must be uncooked, unprocessed, unpreserved and not tampered with in any other way. This further means it must be organically grown, without the use of chemicals.

3. Availing ourselves of a clean, wholesome environment: fresh, unpolluted air; clean water; and the beneficial therapy from the direct rays of the sun, every day.

4. Some form of strenuous physical exercise several times a week.

5. Rest and relaxation, both mental and physical, including sound and
efficient sleep.

6. A form of recreation that is gratifying to our sense of accomplishment.

7. A sense of purpose, security and confidence to fuel our goals for accomplishment and living the good life. We must have goals and we must be motivated.

8. Deliberate self-mastery of our life and our work.

9. Gregarious living within the framework of our CREATIVE religion, our White society and social intercourse with our White Racial Comrades. We are social animals.

10. Healthy expression of our sexual instincts.

11. Living in a pleasing and healthful environment.

12. We do not believe in the use of any “medicines”, drugs, or chemicals as having any healing or therapeutic value. In fact, all medicines, drugs, narcotics and chemicals are poisonous and toxic to the human body. Furthermore, and for the same reason, we do not believe in the use of vitamin, mineral, or enzyme supplements, nor the use of artificial food coloring, preservatives, nor refined or fragmented foods.

13. We strongly believe in the practice of fasting as the best means of ridding the body of accumulated poisons and toxins. We are convinced that fasting is the most natural and effective means the body has of overcoming all forms of disease, and restoring itself back to health.

14. Living in, and promoting a eugenic White society. This means that we take particular care in not only assuring the perpetuation of our precious White Race, but we take deliberate care that the misfits are culled and that each generation advances to higher and more salubrious levels, physically, aesthetically, and mentally. (WMB: 39-40 & SL: 8-9)

At this point we Creators would like to clarify a very prevalent misconception that one cannot join the Creativity Movement without changing his eating habits. That is simply not true! Our goals of Salubrious Living, Latin as a universal language, organic farming, Eugenics, etc., are the long-term ADVANCEMENT-stage goals.
Therefore, their immediate implementation is not necessary for becoming a Creator. We Creators recognize that even the longest journey starts with the first steps! We urge every White person to read our books, join our Movement and take the first steps in the long and glorious journey towards a New White Renaissance, a Whiter and Brighter World, and a Magnificent Era of the White Superman.