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Broccoli is a natural aromatise inhibitor and is also anti-cancertreats autism, is high in vitamin K (which supports bone volume and density), also has vitamin C and Iron, improves verbal communication, social skills, sex drive, and prevents male hair loss.

Dr. Zimmerman adds that before they learned which subjects got sulforaphane, both researchers and parents noticed striking changes in 13 of the participants. These changes included looking others in the eye and shaking hands for the first time. At the end of the trial, it turned out that all 13 of these individuals had been taking sulforaphane.

Note that boiling broccoli reduces the levels of sulforaphane (active ingredient in the above studies), with losses of 20–30% after five minutes, 40–50% after ten minutes, and 77% after thirty minutes. However, other preparation methods such as steaming, microwaving, and stir frying had no significant effect on the compounds.

Current Supplement and Health Regimen

I am posting this because a CREATOR might find utility in it.
Delayed Sleep Phase syndrome (DSPS):
Tianeptine and 50 mg of Pregenolone help me get up in the morning with little trouble. I am unsure of the mechanism for why this is. 1mg of Melatonin at the same time every night helps me get to bed.
Chronic Migraines:
325 mg pure Aspirin (mixed with 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda and taken with vitamin K on a full stomach to protect my stomach) every morning with coffee (caffeine) and Ginger 550 mg before bed every night seems to have cured this issue.
Thyroid (Liothyronine 25 mcg), sulbutiamine, B12, Vitamin B2 (50 mg 2 times / day), allicin.
TMJ and Bruxism
Vitamin D and Vitamin K
I also recently did a short cycle of nandrolone phenylpropionate.
I have been trying to experiment with a vegetarian diet like the one Hitler ascribed to. I made a few concessions, however, and ended up with a Ray Peat inspired Pescetarianism diet. On the ethical side, fish do not feel pain ( and I haven’t found a non-meat way to get Omega 3’s and gelatin, so I consume non PUFA containing fish.
Foods and the reasons for eating them:
Eggs (1 egg = 6 g of protein)
Cheese (cottage cheese, real animal rennet)
Broccoli (Vit K & C, Iron)
Organic coffee (magnesium – but has to be consumed with some sugar or with meal to prevent stress response due to low blood sugar/hypoglycemia)
Fish Gelatin
Mussles and/or Oysters (non PUFA, B12, iron)
Cod or Sole (non PUFA)
Fermented foods (Kimchi, Kombucha, Unpasteurized Sauerkraut (drain the water and try to consume the solid part only as the liquid is high in lactic acid), Kefir, Pickles, for probiotics)
Potatoes (protein 4g / potato)
Raw Carrots: A daily carrot, intestinal disinfectant, for constipation and to lower cortisol and blood pressure.
Vinegar (antimicrobial/suppress bacteria)
Dark cherries
Mushrooms (anti-inflammatory, zinc, b3, b3, b5)
Ice Cream
Coconut oil (refined and deodorized)
Strongly avoid: Animal products outside fish, gluten (link), (link), Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (link).
Meditation (lowers glutamate, reprograms your brain, slows time perception)
High intensity cardio with squatting.
Intermittent Fasting, Dopamine Abstinence, NoFap, Cold Showers.
I no longer feel brain fogged, sluggish, fatigued, or feel unmotivated to do anything. With the sleep issues it always felt like I was sleep walking through life and days would slip by in a blink of an eye. I am also now waking up in the early morning with little trouble for the first time in my life. I am more productive than I have ever been, and I actually feel extremely happy, like my enthusiasm for life wants to burst out from inside me.
I do not know why Tianeptine and Pregenolone help me wake up easier in the morning, I was taking them for another reason. The same thing happened with ginger helping my migraines, I took it for another experiment but then noticed that my migraines came less frequently. I was getting chronic migraines which really affected my quality of life. Everything I tried for migraines (pharmaceutically) numbed me emotionally or had serious side-effects. Aspirin in the morning + ginger at night seems to be the remedy I always sought.
With health issues out of the way my biggest focus of research and experimentation right now is in slowing the perception of time so that I can get more pleasure out of my days. ‘NoFap’ and meditation lower glutamate and resensitize the dopamine receptors. This combined with a childlike outlook on life seems to be the way to do this (Link), (Link) – Children dedicate more neural resources and brain power in the present moment: “When an adult frequently experiences the same stimuli, their brain renders them “invisible” because the brain has already sufficiently and effectively mapped those stimuli. This phenomenon is known as neural adaptation. Thus, the brain will record fewer densely rich memories during these frequent periods of disengagement from the present moment.”.
So be mindful, live in the moment, take up meditation, find ways to continually stimulate your brain, be healthy.

Victorians were smarter than the class of 2017

Victorians were smarter than the class of 2017: Advances in medicine mean more people with lower IQs survive today compared with two centuries ago

>Historically, clever people had more children than rest of society, study suggests
>With advancements in medicine, people who might have died now survive
>As a result, the process of natural selection that favoured people with high IQs may have buckled during the 20th century, study suggests
>Brighter teens who took part in the study in 2008 were on average six IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price

Title: Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Author: Weston A. Price

Dr. Price was a Cleveland dentist, who has been called the Charles Darwin of Nutrition. Searching for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration he observed daily in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to study people with fine teeth the isolated primitives. He found that people feeding on modern diets of grain and cereals develop crooked, malformed, and degenerate teeth while people feeding on primitive diets develop perfect dental arches and great teeth.

The Autism-Thyroid Link

Children’s health starts with mother’s health. A woman low on iodine risks having children with low intelligence, short stature, underdeveloped jaws, and dental problems.

A 2013 study out of Houston Methodist Neurological Institute shows:

  • Mothers with low maternal thyroid hormone while pregnant were 3,89 X more likely to have an autistic child.
  • Autistic children’s symptoms are more pronounced if their mothers were severely deficient in T4 (defined as < 5% of normal T4 but with normal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).

It’s rare that a new patient comes in with warm hands when we shake hands. That’s one red flag in the Whole Health view. Fatigue and waking up tired and achy are also very common complaints. Common signs and symptoms of low thyroid:

  • fatigue and weakness – 99%
  • dry and coarse skin – 97%
  • cold intolerance – 89%
  • Thick tongue (tooth prints on its sides) – 82%
  • facial puffiness – 79%
  • coarse hair – 76%
  • memory impairment – 66%
  • constipation – 61%
  • weight gain – 59%
  • hair loss – 57%

Thyroid hormones plays critical roles in brain development, regulates body temperature and metabolism, i.e. energy burn and storage.

  • Lack of dietary Iodine is the most common cause of thyroid deficiency.
  • Toxins blocks Thyroid: pesticides, mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, bromine, etc.
  • Iodine Supports Thyroid, but requires careful professional monitoring
  • Other Thyroid Support: magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and the new modified citrus pectin (MCP) — recommended new book by Karolyn Gazella, New Twist on Health: Modified Citrus Pectin for Cancer, Heart Disease and More.

What To Do

  • See your doctor for Iodine Test using healthier reference ranges
  • Discuss with your doctor the need to detox thyroid blockers
  • Read Hypothyroidsim Type 2 by Mark Starr, MD

Iodine Deficiency Hurts Mind-Body-Mouth

What All Mothers Need to Know About Children’s IQ and Dental Development

Question: What is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation?
Answer: Iodine Deficiency during pregnancy (1, 2)

Iodine deficiency is also linked to higher incidence of AHDH and lower IQ (3), and weak enamels and delayed eruption of teeth (4). Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormones to keep the body warm and all the cells working. The developing fetal brain is completely dependent on maternal thyroid in the first trimester (5).

A woman low on iodine and thyroid risk having children with low intelligence, short stature, underdeveloped jaws, and dental problems. Oral manifestations of endocrine dysfunction often may be observed initially by the dentist (6), including but not limited to:

  • Mouth breathing, large swollen tongue, anterior open bite, small jaws (4) — which are also risk factors for sleep apnea later
  • Dry mouth, which can lead to susceptibility to cavities and gum disease
  • Pain: “Low thyroid is almost a constant finding in Dental Distress Syndrome” (7)


Common symptoms of low thyroid include:

  • Fatigue, weight gain, headache, brain fog
  • Thinning or missing outer third of the eye brow
  • Hoarse voice, puffy face, constipation, PMS
  • Cold hands & feet, thinning hair, fading memory
  • Hoarse voice, swollen tongue

A mother with these symptoms prior to or during pregnancy may wish to have her children checked for dental signs of iodine deficiency. For more information, click on Iodine And Your Child’s Brain Function And IQ by Dr.Joseph Mercola, which includes a lecture by endocrinologist Dr.Jorge Flechas, MD.

One gram of prevention beats a ton of cure. Here is what every woman needs to know about iodine deficiency:

  • “Even mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy, which may be present in some women in the United States, may be associated with low intelligence in children (8)
  • Iodine requirements are increased ≥ 50% during pregnancy (9)
  • Severe iodine deficiency in the mother has been associated with miscarriages, stillbirth, preterm delivery, congenital abnormalities (8) and learning disabilities (3)
  • Lower IQ of 12-13.5 points are seen in iodine deficient populations, whereas Iodine supplementation before or during early pregnancy generally increases developmental scores in young children by 10-20% (9)

Iodine and thyroid hormones require expert monitoring and balancing by medical professionals.

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Pottenger’s Cats: Nutritional Lessons For Your Children’s Dental-Facial Growth

Lessons From Pottenger’s Cats

“If proper nutrition and exercise are absent when facial structures are developing, dentition always suffers. The kitten kept on a deficient diet for 10 months has an inadequate jaw with crowded, irregular and poorly aligned teeth.” Dr. Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD, author of Pottenger’s Cats Studies. (Pottenger’s Cats, Price-Pottenger Foundation, 1983)

Poor dento-facial development is “one of the earliest defects noticed in the cats on cooked food.” (p. 41) Dr. Pottentger’s studies showed that nutritional injuries can be passed down from one generation to the next with increasing severity.

Is your child on the receiving end of nutritional injuries from up the family tree? Pottenger’s Cats have lessons for all parents and doctors.

Francis Pottenger, MD, wanted to produce high potency adrenal extracts. That meant growing healthier cats. By accident, he found the cats fed a raw meat diet had much more potent adrenals than those fed cooked meats prepared for human consumption. He studied 2 groups of 900 cats over 10 years, and his findings have useful implications for humans.

Both groups were given vitamins, cod liver oil, and given access to outdoors. The control group was fed a optimal (native) diet of raw meat and raw milk.

Lessons from Pottengers Cats Children Nutrition

The experimental group was fed a diet of cooked meat and pasteurized milk. They are called Deficient Cats because of the resulting health deficiencies. “Adults cats placed on cooked meat or pasteurized milk diet begin to show unhealthy condition in their mouths within 3-6 months.” (p. 22)

Selective findings from Dr. Pottenger’s Deficient Cats fed food altered by heat:

  • Bad teeth alignment and poor occlusion (p. 41)
  • Poor bone mineralization: calcium content of bone ranges from 12-17% in the first deficient generation to 1.5-3 % in the third generation
  • Milk produced by a deficient mother lacks the nutrients necessary for her kittens’ normal growth and development.

“On the other hand, if such deficient kittens are given adequate feedings during the nursing period, much can be done to improve their general condition.” (p.42)

Raw Meat Group Cooked Meat Group
Prominent Cheek Bones Longer and narrower face in Gen2 & 3
Broad Dental Arches Retruded mid-face, underbite, overbite
Teeth regular in size and alignment Crowded & Twisted Teeth, Malocclusion
Gregarious, Friendly, Playful Irritable, nervous, dangerous
Distinct Male & Female Traits Aggressive females & docile males
Normal sexual interest and pattern Sexual disinterest or perversion
Strong resistance to parasites Frequent allergies and skin lesions
Efficient child birth with no delivery complications 25-75% higher aborted pregnancy + difficulty with delivery causing many maternal deaths so there was no 4th generation
Mother cat stays healthy after delivery Maternal health declines toward death
Newborn average weight = 119 grams Newborn average weight = 100 grams
Head size stays the same from one gen to the next Smaller skulls in G2 and G3 kittens
Well-developed normal cat can be maintained in health if given thyroid and adrenals Does not become a normal cat even if given intense therapy

(Source: Pottenger’s Cats, by Francis Marion Pottenter, Jr., MD, Price-Pottenger Foundation, 1983)

Dr. Pottenger’s study on raw milk compared to pasteurized milk showed the same result as raw meat versus cooked meat. “The cats fed pasteurized milk as the principal item of their diet show skeletal changes, lessened reproductive efficiency, and their kittens present progressive constitutional and respiratory problems as is evidenced in the first second and third generation deficient cats eating cooked meat. (p.15)

The take-home lessons provided by Pottenger’s Cats are:

  1. Some nutrients called “freshness factor” in some foods are heat sensitive.
  2. Nutritional injuries, including dental-facial deformities, hormonal imbalances, allergies, and behavioral changes, can come from loss of the “freshness factor”
  3. Nutritional injuries first shows up in the mouth and dental-facial misalignment
  4. Nutritional injuries can be passed down to the next generations to cause increased dental and systemic complications
  5. Nutritional injuries and their dental-systemic complications are compounded down the second and third generations, and reversal takes much longer and often is not complete