Craniofacial Restructuring

Update: It is possible to get over 1 cm of expansion non-surgically in adult bones through slow expansion [link]. Maxillary expansion leads to an increase in facial, nasal, maxillary, jaw and molar-maxillary widths, and nasal height. This would change your face profile significantly.

But please note: the methods below are posted for educational purposes ONLY. We do not advocate anything. Also, for anyone currently pursuing a craniofacial restructuring regimen, make sure that you read our guide on TMJ/Bruxism before you start so that you don’t induce TMJ/bruxism.

Cranial/Facial Restructuring

“The facial skeleton is generally believed to expand continuously throughout life [1–4]. This is reflected in the progressive increase in certain facial anthropometric measurements with age such as the nasion-to-anterior nasal spine and the facial width.”

Consistent with previous reports, the facial skeleton has a general tendency to enlarge or expand continually with age [1–4]. The vertical height of the facial skeleton, for instance, increases continuously with age unless supervening factors such as tooth loss intervene.”

Facial depressions with aging-front
*Arrows indicate the areas of the facial skeleton susceptible to resorption with aging. The size of the arrow correlates with the amount of resorption.

Things you can do to remodel your face and prevent the resorption that comes with aging:

What is ‘Mewing’?

“Lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of your mouth.”

Dr. Mike Mew claims that you can manipulate the structure of facial bones (grow your maxilla forward, expand the palate, push your cheekbones forward) with proper tongue and swallowing posture. Furthermore, he claims that by chewing hard gums you can induce masseter hypertrophy leading to a more defined model-like jaw line/better gonial angle. This trick has been known by myofunctional therapists to grow developing faces, but there is also some peer-reviewed studies that show that this can work on adults as well [1].

Proper tongue posture:
Proper Tongue Posture | ClaimingPower

Proper swallowing technique:
Proper Swallowing for Hollow Cheeks & Facial Beauty | ClaimingPower

Many people online report that practicing proper body posture, proper tongue posture and proper swallowing technique, face pulling for a retruded maxilla, and chewing hard gum (or things like beef jerky) for a few hours a day to induce masseter hypertrophy has completely changed their faces for the better. Even if you don’t get forward growth of your maxilla and zygomatic bones from tongue posture it might help support your maxilla as you age. It provides upward support while facial bones reabsorb/rebuild and it also offsets the effect of gravity pulling downward.

*Check if you have ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) which prevents the tongue from being placed on the palate. As well as checking for an anterior tongue tie, which is obvious, make sure that you don’t have a posterior tongue tie as well: And correct tongue thrust if you have it.

Masseter Hypertrophy

Search eBay or for “falim gum”. It is very tough gum that will help build the masseter muscles.

The masseter and the temporalis are two of the largest and most load-bearing muscles on the cranium and their development will also influence bone deposition and position. Also, consistent mechanical pressure has been shown to affect bone density, shape and size wherever the pressure is directed.

Moving the Maxilla up and forward

The maxilla is the key to facial beauty. Every attractive face has a forward grown maxilla. To force the maxilla/zygomatic bones forward you can try facepulling and palate expansion. If you have a recessed maxilla and zygomatic bones you can get an ALF palate expander and facepulling device to fix any dystrophy caused by childhood mouthbreathing. But because most orthodontists charge astronomical sums for these devices some people have come up with DIY Reverse-Pull Headgear (to pull the maxilla forward): and homemade DIY palate expanders:

Facepulling and palate expansion is very much effective in cranial/facial remodeling if used in conjunction with proper tongue (keeping the back 1/3rd of your tongue plastered across your palate), proper swallow posture, and masseter hypertrophy (from constantly chewing hard gums).

Shortening the mid-face

A high fWRH ratio is a characteristic of a beautiful face. The cause of a long face is generally slack jaw (keeping the mouth open), mouth breathing, and having teeth pulled in childhood which is the same cause of a recessed maxilla (read more about that here) but also low prenatal testosterone exposure can be a factor. This is easily prevented by not allowing a child to mouth breath, not allowing a dentist to pull their teeth, and by prenatal supplementation raising testosterone.

However, there are still methods (nonsurgical) of shortening the mid-face post facto as an adult by oral myofunctional therapy (aka training your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth, learning proper swallowing pattern) and by chewing more everyday and increase your muscle tone in the face. Palate expansion and facepulling may also be of benefit.

Sleep without a pillow

Sleep without a pillow and lying on your back with your chin tucked. This keeps your posture aligned and your tongue on the roof of your mouth for 8 hours. This will also align your body posture over time.

Supplements and nutrition

Butterbur and quercetin for rhinitis and sinusitis (stuffed nose/allergies that force you to mouth breath). Capsaicin nasal spray could also be a treatment option for vasomotor rhinitis.

Vit D & K< are essential for bone support. D and K2 also inhibits aromatase.
Vit E (as Gamma Tocopherol) – is an estrogen antagonist.
Vit B6 (Pyridoxine) – is a prolactin inhibitor.
Holy Basil Extract – raises testosterone and lowers cortisol.
Ashwaganda – lowers cortisol.

You can also use the Buteyko Breathing Method to unblock stuffy noses.

Other things to try

*High doses of Vit. C has been shown to enable osteogenesis in rat models (allow adult bones to move). This could be tried in conjunction to the above methods of craniofacial restructuring.

If the above methods do not work, and you want to avoid surgery, one other method is trying a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPIS) machine for jaw/zygo growth.



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