Craniofacial Dystrophy


There are no genes that code for an ugly face, it is entirely environmental/epigenetic. Mouth breathing, bad body posture/forward head posture (makes your face grow downward), open mouth posture/slack jaw in childhood (causes long face syndrome/Adenoid facies), not keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth (human beings swallow approximately 2000 times a day with a pressure of 4 pounds on the palate. Therefore, the tongue is a natural palate expander; failure to keep tongue on palate due to poor body posture, tongue tie or mouthbreathing (mouth breathing separates the tongue from the palate where it always should rest) leads to narrow palate in adulthood and long face syndrome), not chewing tough meat/gum in childhood, having teeth pulled, and cortisol are the main causes of craniofacial dystrophy (recessed maxilla, recessed mandible, lack of facial symmetry). So tape a child’s mouth shut at night, get a humidifier, keep all pets away from their room, use hypoallergenic 100% cotton bed sheets, pillows, clothes, also see an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) doctor for nasal obstruction (deviated septum, collapsed valve, nasal polyps, sinusitis) and an allergist for immunotherapy ASAP! Mouth breathing is a literal looks killer! Remember: “Lips together, teeth together, tongue on the roof of your mouth.”.

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Craniofacial Dystrophy

Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing and open mouth posture destroys facial aesthetics. All you have to do is look at the faces of people with adenoid facies for proof. There is also a condition called ‘long face syndrome’ ( that is caused by mouth breathing. The signs are: crooked teeth, long lower face, thin face, recessed maxilla which leads to droopy eyes because the maxilla pulls it down, a big nose because a recessed maxilla makes it appear to protrude more, a recessed chin, forward head posture, etc.

It has been suggested that chronic mouth breathing in children can lead to the development of a long, thin face, sometimes termed “long face syndrome”, or specifically “adenoid facies” when the mouth breathing is related to adenoid hypertrophy. Malocclusion of the teeth (e.g. “crowded teeth”) are also suggested to result from chronic mouth breathing in children. Conversely, it has been suggested that a long thin face type, with corresponding thin nasopharyngeal airway, predisposes to nasal obstruction and mouthbreathing,.[1]

Longface syndrome is due to weak palate. When the mouth is constantly open the palate has no support as it does when the mouth is closed the teeth are together and tongue is gently supporting the palate as well. Years of mouth breathing cause the palate to have a narrow tall arch instead of a wide strong arch which leads to bad dental structure as well.

^Beautiful girl at age 6 (left) who was a severe mouth breather which was untreated. At age 9 (right) shows the abnormal facial and dental development.

^Parents bought him a gerbil that was kept in his room. He was allergic to it and began mouth breathing.

^Mouthbreathing/opening your jaw will compress your airway. To compensate your head is pushed forwards. To compensate for the airway obstruction, the bottom of the ramus shifts forward. This will result in an increased gonial angle, which is a detriment to aesthetics. This is what also leads to receding chins.

Mouth breathing phenotype: Both jaws recessed, Convex growth, Narrow skull, No horizontal growth, Receded temporal bones, zero eye area support, thin upper lip, horrific bird profile, long face.


Make sure that you avoid orthodontists at all costs! Never allow tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth!*

^The twin on the left had tooth extractions, and on the right had palate expansion with no tooth extraction. Notice the difference in facial symmetry? A loss of a tooth = loss maxillary projection = loss of volume in the midface. It’s even worse when done just as puberty starts (12 or so) collapsing a maxilla in before you’ve even finished puberty.

Pulled teeth (including wisdom teeth) will led to a collapsed face, lack of facial symmetry, and a recessed maxilla. You see a lot of this in England… People in England have such lousy teeth due to their poor diet which prevents proper facial development. Then, the orthodontists go extraction-crazy with disastrous consequences.

Pulling wisdom teeth will shrink your jaw significantly and your maxilla will crumble too because of the sudden bone loss.

Look and Johnny Depp’s cheekbones, before vs now (he had wisdom tooth extractions).


And no, this is not because he “just gained fat”. His entire face shifted downwards slightly, his cheekbones are now flatter and his skin is saggy because there are now less molars for support.

You only need to remove wisdom teeth if they grew to cause crowding or more serious issues such as if they grow horizontally and inflame the tissue which can cause more bone necrosis than extracting them.

Incorrect Mouth Posture

As much of the tongue should be against the palate as possible. Both the front and back of the tongue should touch the palate. People with small palates have difficulty doing this because palate isn’t large enough for the whole tongue to rest.

Note that just keeping your mouth shut and nose breathing isn’t enough because you got to contend with gravity. You need a counter balancing force pushing upwards (your tongue). This is why proper tongue/swallow posture is important.

Also, remember that your bones keep remodelling throughout your entire life. That is why the skull of an 80 year old doesnt resemble its 18 year old counterpart, bones shrink in old age with bad diets and they are also forced down by gravity.

We have cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts. They break down and build up, and within a very short time months the whole shape of someones face can change. And when your skull obtains an optimal shape the pituitary gland will start to release more growth hormone. This change in the hormonal homeostasis will reopen the growth plates. This can also be witnessed with diseases like gigantism.

The bone structure of the skull can change with up to 1 millimeter per week. Try keeping correct oral posture for 2 weeks and feel up your face with your hands. You should notice a slight growth of especially the cheekbones and the orbital rims.

So, even if you don’t get forward maxillary growth from proper oral posture it may still offset gravity and aging.

Read these links for proper swallowing and tongue posture:

Proper Tongue Posture

Incorrect Swallowing Technique

The correct swallowing pattern consists of using your tongue to do the swallowing. Your teeth should be remain closed (but not clenched) during the swallow. There should be no movement of your lips or cheeks during the swallow. Your chin should be tucked in. You should feel your tongue press hard against the palate during the swallow. Both the front and back of your tongue should be pressed.

When eating, keep your back straight, chin tucked and ears aligned with your shoulders the whole time. This will assist a correct swallowing pattern when eating.

Proper Swallowing for Hollow Cheeks & Facial Beauty


Not chewing tough meats

American anthropologist C. Loring Brace has brought forth a theory that the human overbite of Europeans is only about 250 years old and this shift was the result of the widespread adoption of the table knife and fork. Before the use of cutlery, Europeans would often clamp their teeth on a piece of meat and then cut off a piece with a knife. When Europeans started using forks and knives, the cutting was done on the plate and the overbite became much more common. Brace also researched the Chinese, who had adopted chopsticks 900 years earlier and found the instances of overbites increased about the same time the new eating method was introduced.

The reason for this is that the masseter and the temporalis are two of the largest and most load-bearing muscles on the cranium and their development will also influence bone deposition and position. Also, consistent mechanical pressure has been shown to affect bone density, shape and size wherever the pressure is directed. So allow your child to chew tough gums like Falium gum.

Body Posture

Forward head posture is the result of nasal blockage. The head unconsciously moves forward to open up the airway when mouth breathing and as a result your face grows downward because of gravitational forces pulling down on it. If you have forward head posture you are also a mouth breather, so look online for forward head posture exercises and see an allergist/ent for nasal obstruction ASAP!



An ideal face is created only through ideal posture!

Your chin should be tucked in. Ideally, your ears should be leveled with your shoulders. Sometimes you will notice that your head is tilted downwards if you do this. This should be normal for people with retruded maxillas. Tucking your chin will create more force from your tongue against your palate, at rest and especially during swallowing. Tucking your chin in will also elevate the back of your tongue to your palate.

Furthermore, Dr. Mike Mew claims that head tilted back posture will flatten the occlusal plane and that’s why we should practice the McKenzie chin tuck to get it to return to its natural slanted angle. Doing this exercise with proper tongue posture can generate a lot of force against the palate.

Posture and the bite

Lack of proper nutrition

Vitamin K2 and D3 are required for facial growth.

Vitamin K2 For Better Teeth and Prettier Cheekbones

Weston. A. Price was one of the first to discover ‘Activator X’ which was abundant in the diets of tribal people. Many believe that this was what we now call Vitamin K2.

Other Causes of Craniofacial Dystrophy

-Check if you have tongue thrust or ankyloglossia (tongue-tie) which prevents the tongue from being placed on the palate where it should be. When checking for an anterior tongue tie make sure that you don’t have a posterior tongue tie as well:


If you have this get it fixed ASAP! Proper tongue and swallow posture is essential for good facial development!

-Sometimes asymmetry in the face and jaw can be a result of body posture being affected by birth trauma or a congenital difference between left and right sides as in a short leg or hip abnormality. In these cases treatment by an osteopath or chiropractor to correct these is helpful before or at the same time as correcting the dental malocclusion. If the contributing body posture is not corrected the orthodontic correction is most likely to relapse fairly quickly.

-Lack of breastfeeding can hamper jaw development/prevent the jaw bone from growing lengthwise when one is young. This is why most people end up with impacted wisdom teeth that will need to be removed one day. Their jawbones simply didn’t grow long enough to accommodate them. So, if for whatever reason you cannot breastfeed your baby, feed it raw goat milk. It’s the closest to human milk (no soy!). Also DO NOT bottle feed a child or let it suck on a pacifier (or their thumbs) and do not let the child sleep on one side or with their hands under their head deforming their face.

Chewing with your mouth closed may lengthen the philtrum over time and pull down on the maxilla. Note how primitive tribes eat.

-Do everything you can to keep your cortisol/stress levels in check. Meditate for 15 minutes each day. Black tea and ashwaganda are also apparently good for lowering cortisol and high blood pressure. High cortisol levels are a killer for looks (look at the faces of people with Cushings Disease or Google search: “moon facies” for proof). Cortisol also lowers testosterone and T3.

-Watch for the cold causing nasal congestion forcing you to mouth breath if you live in a cold climate (treatment options:

*The only time pulling wisdom teeth is necessary is when they are growing sideways. Impaction can lead to bone necrosis and infection.


  • Nasal projection (big forward grown noses) are caused by a recessed maxilla. A hooked nose is caused by a maxilla that is falling down/down grown. If you have a big nose fix your retruded maxilla and mouth breathing habit before you consider something like rhinoplasty.
  • The Roman nose appeared because of their luxurious lifestyle that allowed them to eat soft foods instead of hard raw meats.
  • If you have a narrow maxilla/not enough lateral projection on your top dental arch a palate expander like the ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals) or Biobloc can be used to correct a narrow maxilla. It could broaden cheekbones as well by pushing out your zygomatic bones.
  • Sleep apnea or snoring is resolved when maxilla is brought forwards. The more the upper jaw drops down the more the sinus becomes compressed, leading to more blocked noses.
  • Bags or Dark Circles around the eyes is usually an indicator of the Maxilla that is too far back
  • Old photos of Indians very rarely show recessed mandibles, maxillas, or malocclusion. Most of them had nice jaw structure. Dr. Weston Price credited this to chewing hard foods and saturated fats in childhood which prevented malocclusion and recessed mid-faces/jaws. You can presume that not only were they chewing hard and tough fatty meats growing up but they also weren’t mouth breathing because of crap foods causing allergies/sinus blockage.
  • The mandible is a bone of the lower face which includes the entire lower jaw, lower dental arch and teeth. Parts of the mandible include the chin, the base of the mandible and the ramus. A large, heavily developed mandible is an important feature of masculine faces. Heavily developed mandibles are broad and include projecting chins and long ramuses. Ramus length is affected by testosterone levels (
  • A palate expander + proper oral posture and swallowing technique + facepulling is a regimen to fix a retruded, narrow, or down grown maxilla may also push the zygomatic bones outward as well.

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