Ideal Aryan Beauty

The ancient Greeks were obsessed with aesthetics and held beauty above all. For the Greeks a beautiful body was considered direct evidence of a beautiful mind. They even had a word for it – kaloskagathos – which meant being gorgeous to look at, and hence being a good person. They even mathematically calculated the canons of beauty of the human body. Studying the laws of harmony and proportion, the famous mathematician Pythagoras in the VI. BC discovered the principle of “golden section” [1] (the term itself was introduced by Leonardo da Vinci), which belongs to the whole of his most part, as most of the smaller (if C – whole, and – mostly in – the smaller, the “golden section” is expressed formula – C: A = A: B). This became the basis for calculating the proportion.

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Vitruvian Man (or the Canon of Proportions) show this ratio and it’s relation to symmetry, proportion, and harmony. Vitruvian Man expanded the “golden section” into the golden rule based on Fibonacci Numbers, where every number in the sequence (after the second) is the sum of the previous 2 numbers:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, …

We will see (below) how the Fibonnaci Numbers lead to the Golden Ratio:

Φ = 1.618 033 …


This ratio was used by architects and artists throughout history to produce objects of great beauty (like Michelangelo’s “David” and the Greek temples.)

As well as the mathematical calculations of beauty, both the Greeks and Romans were also obsessed with youth and embodiments of femininity and masculinity – in myth (Hercules, Aphrodite, etc.) and sculpture.

Greek depictions of masculine beauty





Greek depictions of feminine beauty






So, since Ancient Greece the main foundational characteristics of male beauty have been: symmetry, fitting the proportions of the golden ratio, youthfulness, and masculinity.

What facial characteristics contribute to facial symmetry and harmony?

The key to facial harmony and facial symmetry lies in good maxilla (upper jaw) development. The maxilla is the most important single bone in a persons face for aesthetics. A retrognathic maxilla or even bimaxillary retrognathia is absolute death sentence to aesthetics. A maxilla that is forward and up = good, backward and down = bad.

A high fWHR, good maxilla, and “forward growth” of the brow-ridge, maxilla, zygomatic bones, mandible, etc. almost guarantees a beautiful face.

What makes a White person ugly?

Recessed features, especially a recessed maxilla. Symptoms of a recessed maxilla: large/projected nose from a profile view, droppy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, downward nose if the maxilla is down-grown, etc. The number one cause of a recessed maxilla is mouth breathing and slack jaw in childhood, secondary to that is bad posture (forward head posture growing a long face), and thirdly, orthodontic treatment (tooth pulling, braces, etc.).

Other causes:

Having facial features characteristic of jews and liberals (negative canthal tilt, long midface, lack of symmetry, non-existent glabella or browridge, sclera show and retruded orbitals/horrible zygo growth causing frog eyes – which are all related to prenatal and juvenile cortisol exposure, low prenatal and pubertal testosterone exposure, mouth breathing and slack jaw, bad posture, etc.).

Also, any primitive Negroid or Australoid features (caused by miscegenation) narrow dental palate (caused by mouth breathing in childhood), recessed mandible (caused by mouth breathing and slack jaw) and a non-defined gonial angle (caused by bad posture in childhood, slack jaw, mouth breathing) recessed chin (Negroids completely lack chin), moon face (caused by cortisol/stress or cushings disease), and a long philtrum (all the sculptures above have short philtrums).

Female beauty: For a woman it is important to have neoteny and sexual dimorphisim (negro women, for example, have no neoteny or dimorphism).

Male beauty, Androgyny is repulsive to women despite what the modeling industry (read: jews and gay men) try to promote. It indicates genetic flaws and high prenatal estrogen exposure. The only type of women attracted to these types of men are a-sexual teens.



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